Real name: Capt. Walker Calhoun
Background: Texas Rangers
C.O.P.S position: Texas Sheriffs
Badge number: 8
Trademark features: Wears a white and brown cowboy-styled uniform, with matching cowboy hat, has a red bandanna around his neck, and carries two service revolvers at his hip. He sports a black handlebar mustache.
Extra specialty: A good horseback rider; vary charming and likable.
Significant episode appearances: The Case of the Pardner in Crime
The Case of the Ready Room Mutiny
The Case of the Missing Memory
Voiced by: Len Carlson
Walker "Sundown" Calhoun is a Texas Ranger who had a reputation a mile long in his native state of Texas, and in the Southwest in general. A no-nonsense approach and fast-moving trigger finger gained him his notoriety, and he relied on that heavily down in his home state. Now that he's in Empire City, he must rely on his own skills, and thankfully he's got them to spare. Even though his traditional Texas style looks out of place amongst the concrete jungle of the big city, his six-shooters still carry the same weight, and his Special Investigations specialty allows him plenty of opportunity to round up the Crooks.

A friendly, smiling sort with a thick mustache and will never be found without his trusty cowboy hat and twin holsters. His modern-day revolvers occupy those holsters on a constant basis. Even when not on duty, the Southwest style of Sundown is quite noticeable, and he has quickly become a great asset to the C.O.P.S. force.

Major highlightsEdit

The Case of the Pardner in CrimeEdit

Notorious Texas bad guy Johnny Yuma escaped from the Texas State Prison and wants to rob The Silver Bullet Express. Johnny was once the partner of Sundown and he also plotted to take out his revenge on his former partner for putting him in prison in the first place.

The Case of the Ready Room MutinyEdit

When a series of raids went wrong because Big Boss kept on clearing the places he was in and leaving traps for the C.O.P.S., Bulletproof decided to go on vacation and left Sundown in charge much to the chagrin of the rest of the C.O.P.S. team and their boss Commissioner Highwaters. But things aren't exactly what they seemed to be.

The Case of the Missing MemoryEdit

When Sundown tried to go on vacation, he spotted Turbo & Koo-Koo trying to steal a clock. But just as he was about to catch them, a light pole hit his head and caused him to lose his memory. But while Sundown tries to figure out how to regain his memory, Big Boss (via Ms. Demeanor's run in with him) took advantage of his missing memory and plotted a robbery with his help.


Sundown's Video HighlightsEdit

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