COPS - 60 - The Case of the Lawless Lady 07
Real name: Rafaella Diamond
Ethnicity: African-American
Criminal Data File:
Background: Stealing Jewels and other fine things in life
CROOKS Position: Femme Fatale
Trademark Features:
Extra Specialty: Athletic
Significant Episode Appearances: The Case of the Highway Robbery
The Case of Mace's Romance
The Case of the Crooked Contest
The Case of the Lawless Lady
Voiced by: Jane Schoettle

Rafaella "Nightshade" Diamond is a very beautiful reformed female jewel thief who works for Big Boss and is secretly in love with Mace who later proposed to her. Nightshade was born into a rich family. She ended up disowned when she turned to crime stealing expensive and exotic jewelry for the thrill of it, not out of financial needs.

Character HighlightsEdit

The Case of Mace's RomanceEdit

Big Boss orders Nightshade to steal charity money raised for the homeless at a ballroom party event for a lousy 10% cut. Nightshade refuses. So, Big Boss forces her to do it by having Buttons McBoomBoom kidnap her own younger sister Kathleen and frame Nightshade for it. Nightshade gets Mace to help her rescue her sister and thwart Big Boss' charity heist. That's when romance between Cop and Crook (Mace and Nightshade) begins to ignite and flare up starting with a special thank you kiss Nightshade blows to Mace from the precinct window.

The Case of the Crooked ContestEdit

Nightshade & Ms. Demeanor were entered into a beauty pageant by the Big Boss in an attempt to steal the grand prizes. While their cohorts were getting caught or getting away, Nightshade tried to getaway with the loot, but were stopped by Mace, Mainframe and the other C.O.P.S.

The Case of the Lawless LadyEdit

After a dinner date with Mace, Nightshade attempts to rob a big jewelry store guarded by a dog. Little did she know, that the store in question is filled with stolen jewelry. Those crimes were committed by the store's owner. Nightshade helps Mace & Highway catch the owner and return the stolen jewelry to their proper stores.


The Case of the Lawless LadyEdit

Nightshade's Video HighlightsEdit