Ms. Demeanor
Ms. Demeanor in The Case of the Crooked Contest 1
Real name: Stephanie Demeanor
Criminal Data File:
CROOKS Position: Strongwoman
Trademark Features:
Extra Specialty: Athletic
Significant Episode Appearances: The Case of the Sinister Spa
The Case of the Crooked Contest
The Case of the Missing Memory
The Case of the Crook with a Conscience
Voiced by:

Ms. Stephanie Demeanor is a powerfully muscular super strong woman who works for the Big Boss. Brutal, mean-spirited, and hot-tempered, even those who work with her are scared to cross her.

Character HighlightsEdit

The Case of the Sinister SpaEdit

Ms. Demeanor runs a crooked spa called "Sky High Spa". It was used a front to brainwash Mayor Davis, ruin the C.O.P.S. and rob the city payroll. Ms. Demeanor hypnotized the mayor with a hypnotizing steam room and made him appoint Berserko to deputy mayor who made the C.O.P.S. street sweepers. She even captures two lady C.O.P.S. Mainframe and Mirage and made them do janitorial work, including laundry. This doesn't stop Mainframe, along with Mirage, from using this opportunity to clean up the spa of crime, help the rest of her teammates free and rescue Mayor Davis from the mesmerizing fumes that trapped him inside the spa's steam room and send Ms. Demeanor to the cleaners -- which is prison.

The Case of the Crooked ContestEdit

Nightshade and Ms. Demeanor were entered into a beauty pageant by the Big Boss in an attempt to steal the grand prizes. She falls through the floor after bringing to much weight onto the stage.

The Case of the Crook with a Conscience Edit

She is hired by Big Boss to break into the platinum reserve. She is captured by the C.O.P.S. and is forced to wear a device that forced her to develop a conscience.

Alternate OutfitsEdit

  • In The Case of the Sinister Spa she wears a black wig and an exercise outfit.
  • In The Case of the Crooked Contest she wears a one-piece exercise outfit.


Ms. Demeanor's HighlightsEdit

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