Mayor Davis
Mayor Davis
Background Mayor
Extra Specialty Running the Empire City Government
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1
The Case of the Sinister Spa
The Case of Big Boss' Bye Bye

Mayor Davis is the timid mayor of Empire City.

Character HighlightsEdit

The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1Edit

When Big Boss' gang ran amok using clever gadgets, gizmos, and vehicles designed by Dr. Badvibes. The local police couldn't do anything about it. Mayor Davis decided to hire professional help. That's when he turned to Federal Agent Baldwin P. Vess from Washington D.C.

Soon after Vess arrived, he became critically injured when a brick wall fell on him during a mission to capture Berserko. With Vess's consent, the mayor ordered Vess's doctors to replace his torso with cybernetic armor, making Vess indestructible.

The Case of the Sinister SpaEdit

Mayor Davis was given a free membership to the Sky High Spa. Little did he know that the spa was a trap, to lure the mayor in and hypnotize him in the special steam room. When he was hypnotized, Mayor Davis was ordered to pardon Berserko from all past offenses and make him the new deputy mayor.

The COPS, realizing that something fishy was going on in that spa, sent MirageMainframe to the spa where they too fell into the trap and wound up becoming slaves to the crooks. They eventually freed themselves from slavery, helped the COPS catch the crooks and release Mayor Davis from his hypnotic trance.


Mayor's Daughters

The Mayor's Daughters

Mayor Davis' Video HighlightsEdit

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