Real name: Sergeant Patrick J. "P.J." O'Malley
Background: New York City P.D. Beat Cop
C.O.P.S position: Patrol Officer
Badge number: 1
Trademark features: An experimental "power cuff" system, that can cuff perpetrators from a distance.
Extra specialty: Skilled with a nightstick and a service pistol.
Significant episode appearances: The Case of the Crime Circus
The Case of the Brilliant Berserko
The Case of the Lowest Crime
Voiced by: John Stocker
Patrick J. "P.J." O'Malley (code name LongArm) is second-in-command of the elite police unit known as C.O.P.S.. He serves as Bulletproof's right-hand man and the acting commanding officer.


O'Malley is a sixth-generation police officer of Irish ancestry. His career began with the NYPD, in the Fort Apache precinct in the South Bronx. He became proficient with his signature weapon, the Power Cuffs: handcuffs that he can fire from his wrist as a projectile. Although his older colleagues encouraged him to make use of a truncheon, in three years as a beat cop, he never once used the stick or drew his sidearm.[1] He did, however, pick up a great deal of "street knowledge."[2]

Even within the squad, Longarm has a reputation as a by-the-book cop who sincerely believes in the justice system. He is tough but fair, with a dedication to upholding the rule of law. This contrasts with the youthful recklessness of his partner Hardtop, but the two have a strong partnership nonetheless.


By the time of the formation of C.O.P.S., O'Malley had already moved to Empire City. He lived with his wife Linda, his young son Brian, and his father, himself a retired police officer. He enjoys ending each day by regaling the two with stories from his illustrious career.

Early in Longarm's time with C.O.P.S., Buttons McBoomBoom vandalized his house and threatened his family on the orders of Big Boss. With Bulletproof's reluctant permission, Longarm and Hardtop apprehended Buttons McBoomBoom in revenge.[2]


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