Johnny Yuma
Johnny Yuma 2
Background Outlaw
Extra Specialty Robber of trains
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of the Pardner in Crime

Johnny Yuma is a reformed outlaw and friend of Sundown.

Johnny Yuma & Walker "Sundown" Calhoun were both partners and members of the Texas Rangers. Until one day after catching some bad hombres and wrapping up a robbery, Johnny suddenly got greedy and tried to the steal the recovered money for himself. But Sundown spotted him doing so and Johnny escaped. Johnny suddenly found himself to be a Texas outlaw, who's crime spree was unmatched by any other. Sundown kept up with him for around a year or so. At last, Sundown finally busted his partner and sent him to prison, but neither one of them was very happy about the arrest. Then one day, Johnny escaped from prison and came to Empire City to settle the score with Sundown. Sundown caught up with Johnny at the Cowpoke Museum. Johnny gave Sundown a chance to partner up with him but as criminals/pardners in crime. Sundown refused and Johnny tied him to a mechanical bull. Turbo Tu-Tone who's been following Johnny, turned on the bull and sent it on a rampage with Sundown still on it. Until Mainframe & Barricade came to the rescue. Barricade tried to slow it down with his MULE with no success. But then Mainframe shut it off by pulling its plug. Barricade told Sundown not to go after Johnny on Bulletproof's orders, but Sundown tied up both his associates and went after him anyway. The final showdown saw both Texas Rangers on the Silver Bullet Express. Johnny was planning to rob it, but Sundown won't let him. Suddenly, four of Big Boss' crooks (Berserko, Turbo, Buttons McBoomBoom & Rock Krusher) plus a few henchmen arrived to steal the money from the train themselves and take out their revenge on Johnny for not joining Big Boss' gang and throwing them into a pond at the park even though he was offered that offer earlier in the day. So the two Texas Rangers worked together to stop them which they did. The other COPS caught Turbo trying to escape. In the end, the crooks went to jail and Johnny & Sundown made up for their quarrel and were now friends again. Johnny returned to the Texas State Prison, but was given an early parole for good behavior. Now he works as a deputy in a small Texas town.


Johnny's HighlightEdit

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