Real name: Trooper David Y. Harlson
Background: California Highway Patrol
C.O.P.S position: Highway Patrolman
Badge number: 2
Trademark features: Wears a blue motor-cop uniform with steel shoulder-pads, and a white bike-helmet with dark visor and mic-piece.
Extra specialty: Modifying, maintaining, and using air-scooters.
Significant episode appearances:
Voiced by: Ray James
Trooper David Y. Harlson (codename Highway) is a highway patrolman and a member of C.O.P.S..


Harlson hails from Los Angeles, California.[1] Even before joining the LAPD, Harlson was one of the best in the world at racing and modifying air-scooters. He would convert decommissioned M-98 Electron-Glider Sky-Hoppers into racing scooters for civilian use. Enthusiasts consider him the best at modifying sub-miniature turbo-fan engines. He patented what proved the only practical after-burner for use on diminutive jets.[2] He graduated from the Southern California Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering with highest honors.[3]

Harlson's talents propelled him to the XXIV Olympiad in New Beijing, China. He won the Octathlon event, a set of eight air-scooter events. Even after becoming a police officer, he continues to work out and keep himself in competitive shape.[2] He hopes to compete in the next Olympics to take place in Empire City.[3]

Officer Harlson served on the California Highway Patrol for many years. He quickly racked up an impressive list of arrests. His skills on the motorcycle are almost unmatched, and whether he's on the seat of the Bluestreak, or using his personal air-scooter, Highway is a hard man to outrun. His motorcycle skills are what caught the attention of the C.O.P.S. team. While most of his colleagues were drafted, Harlson readily volunteered and took on the codename "Highway."

Highway loves the open road and can often be seen riding his bike whether on or off duty. He flirts with women constantly, especially Mainframe. Most consider him a chauvinist but cute nonetheless.


  • An early version of the character was called Speedtrap.[3]


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