Commissioner Highwaters
Commissioner Highwater
Background Police Commissioner
Extra Specialty Running the Empire City Police
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1
The Case of the Ready Room Mutiny
The Case of The Visiting Mother

Commissioner Highwaters is the tough as nails commissioner of the Empire City police force.

Character HighlightsEdit

The Case of the Ready Room MutinyEdit

Commissioner Highwaters was mad, not only because that the COPS team had three failed raids but the fact that Bulletproof is going on vacation at a very inappropriate time. Worse yet, Bulletproof put Sundown is charge of the COPS, much to everybody's chagrin, except (for some reason), the Mayor's new assistant Brannigan. Little did everybody know that Bulletproof's vacation & Sundown horrible leadership skills were just plans and traps to catch the crooks and expose the mole, which (by no means surprising) happened to be Brannigan.

Everything went back to normal shortly after. But there was one exception: Sundown's excerise program was so successful, the Commissioner decided to continue it every morning.

Commissioner Highwaters' Video HighlightsEdit

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