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Bowser and Blitz are 2 special C.O.P.S. officers made up of a human and a robot K-9 companion. Bowser (Real name: Officer Rex Pointer, former member of the Chicago PD K-9 Unit) is the best animal handler around. He loves animals, especially dogs.

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C.O.P.S. is a late-80s animated series produced by DIC Entertainment, Crawleys Animation, and Claster Television from 1988. This show is based on a line of action figures known as C.O.P.S. n' Crooks, were created by Hasbro when the show first aired. The show aired again in 1993 on Saturday mornings in syndication as "CyberCOPS" to avoid confusion with the unrelated reality TV show.

C.O.P.S. is about a team of futuristic police officers lead by Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess (Codename: Bulletproof) who strive to bring powerful criminal leader Brandon "Big Boss" Babel to justice and restore law and order in the streets of Empire City. With these men and women—including Highway, Mace, Barricade, Mainframe, Sundown, Mirage, Bullseye, and Bowser and Blitz—Vess forms a team that is “the finest law enforcement agency there is in the country.” Bulletproof becomes the proud founder and commander of C.O.P.S.

This cartoon has the strongest appeal than the toys and the comic book series put together. Both should have been made into exact replicas of all the characters as seen in the show and made into the exact format of the cartoon series itself to promote the cartoon and include in the series Mainframe, Mirage, Nightshade, Ms. Demeanor, Brian O'Malley, Whitney Morgan, Commissioner Highwater, and Mayor Davis. It has all of the delightful combinations of light-heartedness, interesting stories, humor, action, excitement, awesome, unique characters, each with personalities that makes all of them special in their own right, a vessel known as The Ultimate Crime Machine, a Big Boss look-a-like, a brilliant Berserko, a big blimp, a retired cop, a green car, a romantic, loving relationship between a COP and a Crook, a "pardner" in crime, an African-American woman who's also the President of the United States, trained bugs, The Bad News rock band, a clownmobile, a lucky penny, thieving toy robots, instant justice machines, bad cookies, a crimeboss who despises illegal drugs (let alone a dirty suit), a little girl who dresses up like a superhero, unforgettable battle cries of "It's Crime Fighting Time!" and "Crime's-A-Wasting!", a COP, who acts like a sportscaster, a conscience band, baby-size crooks, a chip off of a COP's own block, a boxing kangaroo, speed suits, ghost suits, and so much more! It has a lot more OOMPH in it than the toys and the comic book version of the series all put together.


The place: Empire City. The situation: The Big Boss along with his Crooks, are holding the entire city under the palm of his iron hand and the Empire City Police Department can do nothing to stop him. As a last resort, Mayor Davis sends in Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess (Codename: Bulletproof) to take him down. However, he suffered very serious injuries at the hands of 2 of Big Boss’ criminal henchmen, Berserko and Turbo Tu-tone and had to be taken to the hospital, where he is given a cybernetic bullet-resistant torso to save his life.

While staying at the hospital, Bulletproof, knowing he cannot do all of this alone, sends out Police Sergeant P.J. O’Malley (Codename: LongArm) and Rookie Officer Donny Brooks (Codename: HardTop) to round up the best law enforcers from all over the country. With these men and women — including Highway, Mace, Barricade, Mainframe, Sundown, Mirage, Bullseye, and Bowser and Blitz — he forms a team that is “the finest law enforcement agency there is in the country.” Bulletproof becomes the proud founder and commander of C.O.P.S. Together, he and his C.O.P.S. team are able to take down Big Boss and his gang of crooks and thwart the first of many of Big Boss’ criminal schemes.

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  • Big Boss Building
  • Empire City Airport
  • Empire City Tower
  • Empire City Mint
  • Empire City museum
  • Empire Central
  • Cornucopia Bridge
  • Graystone Prison
  • Bearing Arms Hotel
  • ECTV
  • Comtrex Technologies Incorporated
  • Vetrocon

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